Kim Hill interview with Raf Manji

You can listen to this excellent fifteen minute interview on the money system here.

This is a very clear exposition of the monetary system and fractional reserve banking.
He also touches on timebanking and other form of alternative currencies as well as the Occupy movement
Raf Manji is a former London investment banker who moved to Christchurch and founded the independent policy development space, the Sustento Institute .

The Sky is really Falling, says candidate

Media Statement

11 November 11

The Sky is Really Falling, says candidate

The sky is falling and nobody is planning for what New Zealand would do in the case of a full economic meltdown, said Laurence Boomert, Wellington Central candidate for the New Economics Party.

“Here we have Italy now in deep trouble, and the New Zealand politicians are blithely promising bright and happy days”, he said. “There isn’t a country in the world that will be untouched by this debt crisis. Next it will be Spain, France and USA. Because we are all tightly linked, what happens overseas is very much our election issue,” he said.

“It is time to think outside the square and work to invent an economic system not dependent on  growth. If it wants to create jobs, Government needs to focus on supporting small and medium sized businesses that want to introduce healthy innovations. Small and medium sized businesses create most of the jobs not the Telecoms of the world”, he said.

Boomert said it is time to work on alternative complementary currencies that work at all levels including at a national level. When small businesses join barter networks, Government should allow their GST and income tax to be paid in their currency.

He said government should be actively involved to support our business sector in designing and implementing business-to-business currencies such as ones operating in Uruguay, Switzerland and Austria.

For further comment phone Laurence Boomert 027 258 8807