Maori currencies

Currencies for iwi, regional clusters and pan Maori groups
When the British colonised New Zealand one of their first actions was to impose their currency on Maori. Imposing a currency on an indigenous people is a little understood but powerful tool for the colonisation and subjugation of a people.

Soon after arrival British laws became relevant to the new colony and in 1858 British coins were made legal tender. Australian gold sovereigns and banknotes were also legal tender in New Zealand from 1844. We assume Maori had to earn and pay tax in British pounds until1934 when the newly established New Zealand Reserve Bank issued notes.

Therefore a powerful way to regain more sovereignty is for each iwi  to have the option of using their own means of exchange.

Maori should have the power to decide the most effective ways of implementing complementary currencies e.g as iwi, regional clusters or pan Maori groups.

The New Economics Party would legislate to ensure the government accepts iwi currencies in payment for taxes.

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