We discussed our policies from 2011 to 2015 and have been largely inactive since 2016. However Deirdre Kent has summarised the findings in her book The Big Shift: Rethinking Money, Tax, Welfare and Governance for the Next Economic System.

The following came from a meeting in June 2012. Further policies are being discussed all the time. We now have a brochure ready.

Our vision is for a New Zealand..

1. Where we have full employment in quality fulfilling work for those wanting it.

2. Where sufficiency is a natural right.

3. Where New Zealanders are happy.

4. Where there is a ‘reverence’ for nature.

5. Where the national and local economies are resilient in the face of shocks or threats.

6. Where there are vibrant and functioning local communities.

7. Where full human rights and responsibilities are affirmed and supported.

8. Where our economy is operating as a healthy living organism, like a social ecosystem.

Our core policy ideals 

1. New Zealand has the right to control the issue of its sovereign currrency.

2. We will reform the banking system including reregulation.

3. We will remove the imperative for growth.

4. We will seek fundamental monetary reform, including enabling multiple currencies.

5. We will stop land speculation by a unique method. More

6. We will discourage damaging speculative activity in currencies.

7. We will introduce a form of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

8. We will repatriate strategic assets.

9. We will enable local banks, local currencies and local redevelopment.

10. We will build stronger local economies and strengthen local community.


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