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Become a financial member of  the New Economics Party. This is done by filling out our NEP Membership Form.

Print it out, sign it and return it to us, together with your $10 joining fee. We want to contest the 2014 election. This means we need to get 500 members by April 2014. This form has been approved by the Electoral Commission. Then we can ask people to vote New Economics Party (not our individual candidates). Will you help us?

Our bank account is 38-9012-0398600-00. Put your name in the reference section.

If you want to receive our newsletter but don’t want to commit yet to being a member, please email, Morgan Le Quesne. Since we have had a great deal of trouble with spam, tell her your name, where you live and a bit about yourself.




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If you would like to help us please email deirdre dot kent at gmail dot com.



3 thoughts on “Join us

  1. Yes its time for me and my generation to put our mouths, money & time into a solution which proposes long term solutions and is governed by equality. And I believe this is it.
    Educating the voter is the key. Stimulating the fence sitters with dynamic info that results in votes.
    It has to be, in light of the outcome of doing nothing.
    Ill get onto my membership right away!

  2. Hi Deirdre and Laurence. So great to be with you finally, Don’t know what took me so long.!!! Keen to do anything I can to help promote awareness for the New Economics Party. Hope to chat soon. 🙂

  3. Great news Deirdrie and Laurence. I will put my hand up gladly for this. When do you want a Northland constituency formed? I am in America at present, back 2 Jan 2012.
    I personally have always advocated TT being “apolitical” because we only have the single NatLabActUnitedFutureGreenMaoriMana Party at present which is a party OF the BANKSTERS, BY the BANKSTERS, FOR the BANKSTERS. I have also advocated that we needed our OWN party, “The Transition Party” to try to take over the Far North District Council. What do you reckon to a local New Economics Party to work in tandem with the National Party but on the local election front?

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