In what order should monetary reform take place?

This is the big question. We are working on this and believe that it is essential to get more currency into the mix and that the currency should be an interest free currency so it doesn’t cause more harm.

However in the light of this blog entry it seems that spending interest free money into existence at a national level would certainly not be the best way to go for a start. The reason is that we now have a situation where all rich countries economies are struggling and are mired in deeper and deeper debt, but their reserve banks need to keep interest rates high to control inflation brought about by rising oil prices.This means there is a shortfall of employment and recession.  So let’s look to other currencies. Is it going to be a currency at local body level or a national complementary currency? Small local currencies are going to be too small. What about trade barter? Well it costs to join a good one.

The first thing to do is to get some business to business currency operating so that small and medium sized businesses have their bills paid. One exciting idea is a currency designed by the Dutch organisation Strohalm when working over the last decade with South America. Bernard Lietaer, author of the Future of Money describes it here.

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