The New Reality

Is it all going to collapse?

With resource depletion, climate change and economic turmoil we need urgent, radical and far reaching solutions.

We believe that New Zealand, like all other countries, is about to enter a period of extended crisis. The severity and timing of the events that will unfold are uncertain, but the likelihood of major change is increasingly hard to refute.

Because the possible drivers of change are multiple and interconnected, it is not easy to plot a course that will completely protect us from the effects. There will be many surprises. But the combined effect of the ways we each respond will determine the quality of life we can expect. Maintaining our current behaviour is asking for trouble. All that government can do is to set the structure and the rules but it is no use expecting them to fix everything. Nor will individual survivalism get us far.

We must provide hope for today’s and tomorrow’s children. The circle has closed and there is nowhere to escape.

There is nowhere to escape. We all have to think and act!

We can’t resolve the problems by doing more of the same. We are called to develop a new set of solutions, bring forth new creativity and a new consciousness. Governments have an important role to play in leading consciousness.

The Challenge is Huge

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