A New Economic Model for a post-oil age


It is time to rethink the broken economic system

A total transformation of the money and tax system is required to address the crises we face.

The economic metamorphosis we propose will move away from tax on work and production towards tax on unearned income e.g. on land.  Our philosophy is that the earth is for sharing, so owners of private land must pay an annual rent to the public.

Our solutions will go a long way to addressing resource depletion, climate change, environmental damage, unemployment and poverty, while at the same time unleashing the human creativity and entrepreneurialism required to meet the big challenges ahead.

We will change the way money is created. The current interest bearing debt money system provides the imperative driving the infinite economic growth paradigm, transfers wealth from the poor to the rich and causes growing debt, and environmental harm. Until we change the money system we change nothing.

Equality, according to research, makes everyone happier. The Mana Party has drawn attention to the growing gap between rich and poor, but so far its proposed solutions seem to have relied on centralist solutions and do not encourage green business. You cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. To date the Green Party is timid in its remedies, preferring to talk of “better coordination of monetary and fiscal policy” rather than face the fact that our interest bearing debt money system leads to debt, instability, poverty and the destructive growth imperative.

Centralisation is not Nature’s model. In all our policies we try to imitate nature’s model of organisation.