Natural Economics by Gary Williams

UnknownGary, a long time permaculture teacher has recently written a booklet called Natural Economics.  Gary has a Master of Commerce, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering. He works as a soil engineer.  He lives with his partner Emily on a small farm in Manakau, north of Otaki. They have a wide diversity of farming and forestry activities, from home gardens and orchards to staple crops, animal grazing, firewood and plantation forests and wilderness.

Our party is very much about applying the principles of permaculture to economics and Gary in this work has written of life and death, growth and decay, expansion and contraction. “Natural ecosystems”, he says “have a very different rhythm to that of our present economy with its time-rigid orderliness, high energy and destructive technology and ever increasing exploitation and expansion of consumption”.

“Well functioning ecosystems are self-organising and maintain themselves by continual exchanges and the flow through of energy or information, with multiple connections and feedback linkages.”

He talks of natural economics being achieved through a common ownership of the basic resources of the land and a universal income for all citizens.

There is more. This little booklet is attached for all to read. A fuller review of it is here