About us

This group has come about from the members of Living Economies Educational Trust, from the Georgist movement, the Transition Town movement and many other groups of concerned citizens. Led by Deirdre Kent and Phil Stevens, it is a group of people who want to work on more powerful policies than are currently being advocated by the Green Party of NZ or the Labour Party. And while we agree with some parties on the problems of the current monetary system we are not happy to be thinking in terms of only one national currency. We want more biomimicry in the organisation of our money system. The idea was conceived in September 2011. Laurence Boomert from the Bank of Real Solutions stood in Wellington Central as a candidate representing this unregistered party. Our administrator is Morgan Le Quesne, and we have a membership form which is compliant with the electoral act. We believe our policies are of worldwide significance in the effort to break free of corporate rule and meet the Very Big Problem we all face. We had our very first get-together in Turangi on 14 April 2012 where 29 attended our inaugural meeting during the Australasian Permaculture Convergence. Subsequently we have had several meetings in Wellington, Otaki, Christchurch and Northland and have had several on skype audio. Our address is New Economics Party, 215 Rangiuru Rd, Otaki. Our Steering Committee is working towards getting 500 signed up members, according to the rules of the Electoral Commission, on a constitution. The membership form is here: http://neweconomics.net.nz/index.php/action/nep-membership-form-2.
Deirdre Kent is a co-founder of Living EconomiesDeirdre Educational Trust and the author of Healthy Money Healthy Planet – developing new money systems for sustainability (Craig Potton 2005). After years in community work and teaching, in the eighties she was best known as the Director of ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) She lives in Otaki and has been active in the formation and activities of Transition Town Otaki and the Otaki Timebank. She believes that efforts towards local resilience can only go so far without the right signals and the right policy decisions at national level. "I started thinking about politics and economics during my Values Party time in the seventies and it has taken me all this time to realise why economic growth is the mantra of politicians. The environment has deteriorated since then and the gap between rich and poor has widened. I am doing this so that my grandchildren will themselves be able to have children and know they will be born into a future with hope".Email: deirdre dot kent (at) gmail dot com
Phil Stevens, a Living Economies trustee, emigrated Phil in Ashhurst from the US in 2005 and lives in Ashhurst. He brings his expertise in technology and a wide range of pursuits from hands-on sustainable practice to examining socioeconomic models and theories of effective governance. Projects Phil is active in RECAP and LOAVES, a transition community organisation and a local currency; Community Forge, an open-source platform for complementary currencies and exchange; researching and promoting low-input food, fuel and finance; and general awareness raising. phil@euphoria.org
Nicole FossSenior Editor of The Automatic Earth website, Canadian Nicole Foss lives in Motueka and is in demand as an international speaker Nicole-2013on finance, energy and resilience.Nicole is former Editor of The Oil Drum Canada (canada.theoildrum.com). She used to be a Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for energy Studies in the UK and used to run the Agri-Energy Producers' Association of Ontario in Canada. Her formal background is in science and law. Nicole says she aligns with the New Economics Party idea that the global financial crisis is far from over. “The recent credit bubble was the biggest ponzi scheme the world has ever experienced and it’s not yet unwound.” The bailouts now add up to at least $4.6 trillion or $4,600,000,000,000. Foss says the bubble is leading us into a very long and painful depression.    
Miles Thompson  is a social Miles Thompsonentrepreneur and computer programmer. Former CTO of a New York financial research company now living and working in Paekakariki, New Zealand. Working on open source resilience and crisis management in social media. Holds a BA in Sociology and a BSc (Hons I) in Math. He is currently working in the timebank movement.
Jorn Bettin emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. jornbettin_smallHe grew up in Nigeria and Pakistan, and studied mathematics in Belgium and Germany. Jorn is a partner at S23M, a consulting firm with a focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration. Currently based in Melbourne, he regularly returns to his home on Waiheke Island. Jorn loves to use visual mathematical representations to explain and reason about complex value cycles. He is passionate about co-creating resilient economic systems that are not only equitable, but also understandable by future generations of humans and open source software tools. Jorn has co-authored several books on Model Driven Engineering.