3 thoughts on “Laurence has put up billboards in Wellington

  1. Hi Laurence,
    I think the billboard is fantastic! Even though the party’s not registered for this election, I think the billboard is a great way to gain recognition for the party, and of course as promotion of yourself as (THE BEST!) candidate for Wellington Central.

    It’s really important to get your image and your message out there on billboards as that is what all the other political parties do, so you need to have a presence alongside them. I’m sure you’re using social media and other avenues as well. The letter that came through the Transition Towns email list was really good. I personally have no problem at all with you sending a letter out through the (politically neutral) TT network as your policies are so closely aligned to the aims and philosophy of Transition Towns.

    Keep up all the hard work!
    Emma McGuirk

  2. Don’t want to sound negative, but can we do away with posters and billboards. The best of luck to Laurence, but I just feel this is part of the old regime and social media is a much stronger force these days. Personally I hate seeing these things and believe marketing is waste of money (effective and all as I know it is).

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