Summary of policies


An isolated economy can still thrive after global peak oil production

  •      A National Plan for a 4-6%  annual decrease in oil use to be publicly discussed, together with a plan to implement if an oil tanker doesn’t arrive.
  •     The privatised and damaging money creation system we live with must stop. We would reclaim the public’s right to create and control their means of exchange (currencies) and would distribute this power through many levels.
  •       We advocate an integrated multicurrency system, with prudential supervision at every level.
  • ·       Iwi, local government, communities all to be encouraged to create their own currencies.
  •      Banks would be prohibited from creating new national money. This function would be performed instead by a special committee within the Reserve Bank. Banks would then be intermediaries between saver and borrower as they should be.
  •      Because we address the money supply issue, we can deliver on full employment.
  •    We are green business friendly with no income tax, no company tax, no GST.
  •      Because we address two basic underlying causes, we can deliver on lowering the gap between rich and poor without penalising anyone for working.
  •       The only taxes we have are Resource Taxes including Land Value Tax, a Financial Transaction Tax, Excise Taxes and some Tariffs.
  •      Land values for Maori will take into account Maori values; the imposition of Maori land taxes and rates will be reviewed historically.
  •       We advocate a Basic Universal Income or Kiwi Dividend, and would also investigate decentralising social welfare to local authority level as the dividend may have to be in more than one currency.
  •      We advocate an international currency for international trade created without interest.
  •     Climate change policy dealt with by petrol tax, coal tax and gas tax and a carbon tariff instead of ETS. A plan to phase out oil use would be a priority.
  •       In education, health and social welfare there would be a major decentralisation of the majority of power, so that local communities can influence social wellbeing.
  •     Aotearoa/New Zealand will become a republic.
  •     Rewrite the rules of global commerce to secure the right of each nation to regulate cross-border financial and trade flows.

2 thoughts on “Summary of policies

  1. Tena Koe,

    Awesome start. As a māori I like what Im reading and belong to a roopu that shares the same views from a māori world view, ancestral thinking keeping it simple is the key id say

    naku noa

  2. Great stuff guys. I would like to see us out of the United Nations, the IMF (International Misery Factory) and WB (World Bankrupetrs)
    I advocate
    1) A written constitution
    2) Bill of Rights to be made Supreme Legislation and replace the Bill of Goods that we have now
    3) Recall system for useless pollies. Hopefully when we have ALL the seats in Wellington and on ALL councils, it will never need to be used anyway
    4) Binding citizen initiated referenda
    5) REAL equality before the Law and not the present system of “all people are equeal before the Law, but some (especially the polic(e)ymen) are more equal than others
    6) The SFO (Serious Fraud Office) to be mad more accountable. The SFO is a law unto itself.
    7) Curb the censor at Yahoo New Zealand who ignores anti establishment comments
    I am sure there is a whole lot more that we need to do to improve things, but at least we have MPP which can be used to get rid of the single NatLabActUnitedFutureGreenMaoriManaNZFirst(?) Party that we currently have. Our task is easier than that of our American cousins who have the “first past the post” system and a single “Repubmocratic” Party which has only 2 factions

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