Business encouragement and investment

Business encouragement

With a transformation of the tax system and banking system entrepreneurialism would flourish

The New Economics Party believes that we must be an enterprising nation and that pragmatic and creative business thinking must be encouraged at every level of our society. Our policies are the most business friendly possible. Little will stand in the way of entrepreneurship for those who create a labour intensive business with fair employment policies, good environmental practices and a low carbon footprint. Clean tech innovation can finally occur at full speed.

Cooperatives will be encouraged, both workers and consumers cooperatives. The NZ Cooperatives Association would be funded adequately for the purpose.

Farming would  thrive

Farming and other export businesses will thrive because the NZ dollar will drop when the interest rates drop.

EECA’s (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) funding will be dramatically increased to assist all businesses to be future proofed against energy shocks.

Because we will be decentralising banks, it will be possible for them to invest in local businesses, just as the Bank of North Dakota has been able to over many years. Nurturing and mentoring of small and medium sized businesses will be encouraged. Thus local investors will be able with confidence to invest in local enterprises just as in the 1940s and 1950s when Christchurch people invested in firms like Lane Walker Rudkin.

3 thoughts on “Business encouragement and investment

  1. Tena Koe

    We need to live off the fat of the land. Stop all exporting of food. Those who wish to stay in NZ for NZ by NZ stay and live. Otherwise if you own property and don’t live on it then leave. Use it or loose it.

    • Stop exporting all food? My goodness, that means no dairy exports, no meat to Europe, no produce to Australia. And that means no imports. What will we cut out? Machinery? Think of the implications. Oil is our biggest import. Yes we need to cut it down by 4-6% a year but a sudden cut off goes too far. As for importing food, which I suppose you also want to ban, I look in my pantry and see cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, tea, rice, sultanas, lentils, brazil nuts. Could some people live without bananas or coffee? Trade enriches our diet. But distance costs money as oil reaches $126 a barrel. We sure need to get back to growing more of our wheat, beans, oats rather than having so many dairy farms and we could grow more pulses, but the tropics grow many foods which don’t really thrive in New Zealand.

  2. Tena Koe,

    Lose all financial institutions as they are all subsidiaries of the Federal Reserve Bank every country has one. Create Community Economies and financial support currently based on the straw-man principals of investment. An economy that operates in credit not debt.

    naku noa

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