Savings, Loans and Insurance entities

Savings, loans and insurance

Old style Savings Banks work very well

With the disappearance of the privilege of seignorage as a source of income, there will be diversion to investment in green business. The reinvention for the 21st century of safe regional savings and loans banks, savings pools, building societies, mutual insurance societies would be encouraged so that people could borrow money from others at a local level. Without the privilege of being able to create the nation’s money supply at a profit,  banks would then have 100% reserve, thus reverting to Savings and Loans Banks which lend out depositors’ money.

David Korten in his New Economy Working Group Report, How to Liberate American from Wall Street Rule, has  suggested that the system of community banks, mutual savings and loans and credit unions is one with proven capacity to perform the desired functions. It worked throughout the 1940s to the 1960s. It was well regulated and decentralised banking system and provides a model to restore financial and economic integrity.


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