Redesigning the Economy at the Tele, Otaki

About 25 people will gather at the Tele at Queens Birthday weekend to talk about how to remodel the political economy, according to Co-leader of the New Economics Party Deirdre Kent. “People are coming from a variety of backgrounds, but one thing they have in common is that they want to address the big issues of our time – fair sharing of the riches of the world, climate change, and resource depletion.”

‘Everything is on the table’. Kent said they wanted to drop deadweight taxes like income tax and sales tax and corporate tax in favour of people paying a full rent for the exclusive use of natural resources like land and minerals. “That is a major change, and a necessity for a post fossil fuel era”, she said. “And the rents need to be shared by everyone using regular Citizens Dividends”.

Facilitator Margaret Jefferies will be using an Open Space method so that participants get to talk about what appeals to them most, whether it is the money system, the tax and welfare system, the governance system or something else.

“After three years of online and small meeting discussions we know we want to give a great deal of power to Community Boards and Councils rather than central government. So that the economy doesn’t have a growth imperative built in, we want money spent into existence rather than lent into existence with interest.”

“We believe that, given the current and growing level of private debt there will be a second and bigger Global Financial Crisis. Economics Professor Steve Keen, an expert on debt deflation, will be beamed in on Skype on the Friday night talking about risk.”

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